Early-Stage Funding For Globally Viable Ventures


The Thunderbird Angel Network (TAN) is a dynamic group of accredited investors who are affiliated
with the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Our members  include T-bird alumni, professors,
and friends, as well as members of the Phoenix startup community.

Through TAN, investors gain access to early-stage companies that have the potential to grow rapidly.
The Network is based at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, a hotspot for global business.
Our members are interested in both domestic and international deals.

TAN hosts dinner meetings the third Thursday of January, March, May, September, and November.
All applications are screened through and by the TAN selection committee before a company
is asked to present at a TAN dinner. If one or more members show interest in a presenting company,
further due diligence and deal terms are developed. Members act on their own behalf and make
their own individual investment decisions.

Click the links below to download resources for entrepreneurs and investors.

Investor Fact Sheet  •  Entrepreneur Fact Sheet  •  Pitchbook Guiding Questions PPT


Apply to Present at the

Thunderbird Angel Network


We process all of our applications through

To apply to present to the Thunderbird Angel Network, create a profile on and upload
supporting documents such as a pitchbook, business plan, marketing plan, and financial information.
Please be sure to include as many materials as possible, as we rely on them heavily to make initial assessments.

Once your profile is complete, you can give us access to your profile by clicking, “Browse Investors”
at the top left of the page. Search for “Thunderbird Angel Network.” Click the blue button, “Share now,”
next to the green banner, “Share your venture with Thunderbird Angel Network.”

For more information about what kinds of companies we’re looking for,
download our Entrepreneur Fact Sheet.

For a PowerPoint deck with guiding questions that will help you address some of the most important
considerations for investors, download our Pitchbook Guiding Questions.


Become a Thunderbird Angel


You should consider becoming a member of the Thunderbird Angel Network if:

We invite accredited investors who are interested in becoming members of the Thunderbird Angel Network to attend 1-2 investor dinner meetings before deciding to joining our group.  Please contact us and we will add you to our mailing list for important TAN updates.

Click here to visit our page. To join the Thunderbird Angel Network, click on the “Ask to Join as an Investor” button at the bottom of our page.


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